• Where in Bulgaria can you buy a second hand car?

    If you decided to buy a second hand car from Bulgaria, you will be pleased to see the numerous buying options that you have. Not only that the Bulgarian market got to be one of the most developed markets when it comes to vehicles, but there are many ways to get the perfect car for you when you find yourself in Bulgaria. And if you can’t make it to this amazing country directly, you can always try the online options. There are service like Lorensita that offers full assistance while you buying a car. But let’s look at all the ways that you can access to get the car of your dreams from Bulgaria.

    Look online before you start exploring the market

    If you research your possibilities online, you will be amazed to discover how many locals are selling good quality second hand cars. There are special websites for such transactions such as mobile.bg, cars.bg or autoscout24.bg. All these websites and more are full of interesting cars all at affordable prices. A great advantage of online shopping is that you can try to negotiate with private sellers if you feel like you are not satisfied with the price. And you can go to the owner in order to discuss the details of a possible transaction. In most cases, you will get all the help you need so everyone will be happy, and you can even get additional information and pictures on the vehicle. Not to mention that all this can be done from the comfort of your house. You will only meet the seller when you have your heart set on a certain vehicle., this type of shopping can save you a lot of precious time and help you end up with the car of your dreams in the end. If you are looking for second hand cars, your chances of finding the best for you are bigger than if you were looking for new vehicles.

    Try out the local markets

    Bulgaria has a lot of local automotive markets that look more like fairs. These establishments can be found in every big city, starting with Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria and one of the most beautiful European cities. In such automotive fairs you will find private sellers and professional dealers equally. They will present their vehicles in the best way possible and you can inspect each one as you want to. Some will also let you take the car for a test drive, which can be very reassuring in case you are planning to buy it. The main advantage of going to such a market is that you can actually see the vehicle and evaluate how suitable it is for you. You can find second hand cars and new cars at these fairs but the best choice you can make is to purchase a high quality used car. And just like it would happen if you shop online for a vehicle, you can negotiate in the market as well. You even have more chances to get a better price if you are face to face with the seller and you have the car in front of your eyes to evaluate it. So, there’s no need to settle for a price that you are not comfortable with.  There are plenty of cars with just a few thousands of kilometers and in very good shape so there is no need to pay full price for a brand new one. Especially since the value of any car tends to go down over time.

    Go to a specialized company

    Where in Bulgaria can you buy a second hand car?

    A less common option to get a second hand car is to find a company that sells such vehicles. There are some that will sell second hand parts and chances are that you will find cars as well. The advantage of contacting such a company is that you can get a car that is in perfect condition, cheaper than you would get it new. The reasons for this are multiple. But in the end, it all works out in your advantage. Such companies will also take care of the paperwork, which can save you a lot of time and running around. And you can go back to them to check for different pieces that you might need in case you have problems with your vehicle.

                As you can see, there are plenty of ways to purchase a car from Bulgaria and you don’t have to invest in a brand new one. If you are on a budget, make sure you find the best option for your needs according to the money that you want to pay for it. One thing is for sure: there are options for everyone! And if you find yourself confused, don’t hesitate to contact the seller. Bulgarians will be more than happy to help you make the best decision and end up with the vehicle that you need!



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